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Beyond simply practicing law, our firm’s attorneys strive to be active and engaged members of our profession and community. Below you will find a list of activities that members of our firm have engaged in to use our training and skills to help advance the legal profession, modernize Jordan and the MENA region, and provide assistance to international organizations.


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Azzam Zalloum and Rasha Laswi

Committee Members, Committee on Foreign Companies and the Committee on the Liquidation of Public Shareholding Companies, Ministry of Industry and Trade Committees for Amending the Jordanian Companies Law (2005).

Azzam Zalloum and Rasha Laswi

Members and active participants in JADEL, Jordan’s International Development Law Organization (IDLO, Rome) alumni association (since 2005).

Presentations and Activities

Our firm is proud to be an active player in the regional legal sphere through contributing in progressive and specialized conferences, such as:

Azzam Zalloum

One of the trainers of the IFC Judges’ Bankruptcy Workshop – Presenting and participating in a three-day workshop developed to increase insolvency judges’ awareness of the role they play in bankruptcy, liquidation and reorganization procedures under the current bankruptcy framework. Together with a foreign consultant, we led several of the discussions, in addition to handling the interpretation and clarification of new concepts in the not-yet enacted Bankruptcy Law (May 2013).

Rasha Laswi, Panel Speaker, MENA-OECD Investment Program

Part of the Panel for the discussion on Institutional and Regulatory Capacity in the Region at the conference for Developing Sound Insolvency Systems in the MENA in Cairo, Egypt (May 2007).

Insolvency Paper Ar
Insolvency Paper En
OECD Agenda

Rasha Laswi

presented a lecture related to intellectual property rights to the Arab Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and covered several bilateral and multilateral international agreements including: USA-Jordan FTA, EFTA, EU Association Agreement with Jordan and TRIPS.

Rasha Laswi

presented a lecture related to intellectual property rights to the IP Masters program at the University of Jordan. The lecture covered legal aspects of trade secrets and how to protect trade secrets. The lecture also covered legal aspects of Jordanian unfair competition and trade secrets law.

Recognition and Credits

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